Why you should be working from home in 2022!

Have you gotten to the point where you dread going into work? Think about it, you have to get yourself together, grab breakfast and beat traffic all before 8 O’Clock. Now you’re at work, watching the clock, waiting for lunch time (which goes by way too fast). Once 5 O’Clock hits, you rush to get out of the office. Maybe your boss asks you to stay overtime or maybe traffic is never-ending. By the end of the day, you have little time to eat and relax……..just to lay back down and do it all over again. I know you already feel the dread and overwhelm everyday!

Working at an office is a dying model and many people are shifting to remote working. Here’s 10 reasons you should work from home in 2022:

  1. The ending of micro-managing 
  2. Communication is more efficient 
  3. Money-saving
  4. More safe and environment 
  5. More flexibility 
  6. Less distractions 
  7. Productivity increases
  8. More time for side-jobs
  9. Zero commuting 
  10. Health and wellness improves

Now, understand that everyone is not meant to work from home. Working remotely best suits individuals who are self-motivated and would benefit from increased flexibility. If this is you, then working from home is a great idea to consider. You also have more time for side-hustles which creates additional income.

If you’d enjoy having increased flexibility, setting your own schedule and hours, and working from home, then being a virtual assistant is for you! My virtual assistant bootcamp teaches you how to start your own successful and profitable VA business from scratch. No more struggling every morning or dreading what you do, join the course and try something different this year! 


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