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Top 5 Ways That Honeybook Can Help You with Your Business

There’s so many client management systems on the market claiming that they’re the best in the business. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Well after some trial and error, I’ve found that Honeybook is the best option for my business. Honeybook has done so much for me in terms of how my business is structured. It’s really helped me to streamline various processes that were eating up my time and energy and has allowed me to curate a sense of freedom within my schedule.

What is Honeybook?

This is probably a good place to start! Honeybook is an all in one client management system that helps you book clients with ease and get paid even easier. The software allows you to manage your accounts from inquiry to income and makes effectively running your business a breeze.

This cloud based service is perfect for all types of creative entrepreneurs. No matter the industry you can use Honeybook to pitch a project, provide a service or sell a unique product. This is the reason why many social media managers, accountants, bloggers & influencers, graphic designers and media companies along with so many other entrepreneurs are turning to Honeybook to give them some grace as their businesses grow.

So now I want to help you do the same thing! Here are my top 5 features that Honeybook offers and how they’ll help you in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Automate Your Workflows to Reduce Your Workload

Technology is such a wonderful way to enhance your business and your life. One of the reasons why I love Honeybook is that it helps me to set up unique client workflows that allows me to automate various tasks that I’d typically be stuck doing after business hours. 

When you sign up for Honeybook you’re given various modern and professional templates for emails, brochures, questionnaires, project proposals, contracts and payment plans. Once you customize your template you can set it up to be sent to your clients on a specific date or when your client takes a certain action on your website.

Administrative tasks take up so much time when you’re running a small business but Honeybook helps you to reclaim your time. Instead of manually emailing your clients to collect payment for your services or, whenever something is purchased from your website you can set up an automation so that Honeybook is the one to do the work for you. You’re able to send invoices and collect payments all without lifting a finger.

So, instead of spending what should be your free time capturing leads, resending client onboarding information or whatever it may be, allow Honeybook to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. 

Sell Your Products and Services With Ease

While I’ve already touched on this, let’s dive a little deeper. As your business’s Head of Sales it’s up to you to sell whatever it is that you have to sell and Honeybook makes the process easy, efficient and really makes the buyer want to give you their money.

At this point you might be saying, “Okay Annalisa, that sounds great but how is Honeybook going to help me do all of that?” Great question. Remember the templates we talked about in the previous section? Well, you can take a template for a brochure, customize that to match your branding and aesthetic and then send those to potential customers. This will help you, and your business, catch the eye of potential customers and make quite an impression.

On top of offering amazing marketing material, Honeybook also allows you to send project proposals (which you can develop using one of their templates) to clients. When you do this clients are able to read the proposal, offer suggestions, ask for edits and approve them seamlessly through their software. You’re also able to get contracts signed securely with digital contracts.

The only step left to the process is to collect payment, which Honeybook helps clients to do quickly and easily. It’s a win-win for you and for your clients.

Get Paid Instantaneously

Who wants to wait to be paid? I know I sure don’t, and you probably don’t either! Honeybook allows you to deposit money into your account way quicker than depositing a check at a bank ever will. 

You want to make it easy for your clients to pay you, because they want to but if your current process is unorganized and clunky then you may run into some issues. It’s imperative that you get paid by your past and current clients so that you can keep business operations running. 

You’ll never again have to arrange payments through services like PayPal, Venmo or CashApp (yikes) again which will help give you and your clients peace of mind. You’ll also never have to fool around with checks or sending credit card forms back and forth, which depending on the method can leave both you and your client at risk. You won’t have to inconvenience your client by asking them to go to the bank to make a wire transfer, which can be a turn off to them, possibly leading to you having your payment be delayed. Again, who wants to wait to be paid?

The client management tool that Honeybook offers helps you to bill your customers and receive payments easily and securely. Your customers can choose which method of payment works best for them, be it through a credit card or by making a direct deposit through their financial institution. 

Once you bring on a new client, they’re automatically set up for payment automation. This process will remind them of upcoming payments, and it will send them a link to do so when the time comes. This also helps to make managing payment installations and future payments super easy for both you and your client. 

Manage and Track Your Leads

This one is simple, if you don’t already have a system in place to manage your leads then you need one.

One of the best ways to understand your customer is to collect data on how they interact with your website and how they buy. Honeybook makes this so easy because they feature software that allows you to see just that.

Through Honeybook’s software you’re able to track a potential client through your sales process by seeing where they’re at in your pipeline. You can also see the same information for your current clients.

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to make sales is through effectively managing and following up with potential leads. What’s not talked about enough is how important it is to nurture the relationships that you’ve already established to ensure that your current clients turn into repeat customers. When you effectively use the technology that Honeybook offers to your advantage, you can track your current clients to see what’s interesting to them at the moment and send them targeted advertisements that speak to their needs. It will help them feel more of a connection with you and your business and may help them decide to work with you over someone else.

You’re Given Valuable Data to Make Your Business Even Better

A lot of times, one of the most important parts of growing your business comes from understanding the numbers associated with it. When you can track critical data related to your business you’re put in a much better position to make smart decisions when it comes to which direction you want to take it in.

Being able to track potential and current clients interacting with your website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the invaluable data that Honeybook provides for you. You’re also able to see what percentage of your bookings are coming from your lead management which will help you to pinpoint where your sales are coming from.

Everytime you log into Honeybook you’re taken to your dashboard, which helps you immediately gauge the wellbeing of your business. It quickly tells you how many leads you’re getting, how much money you’re currently making and more.

On top of that, you’re able to see your booking success rate coming from project proposals, track outstanding payments so that you can calculate what you’re owed as well as receiving yearly and monthly financial analytics so that you can see how far you and your business has come.

You can’t decide where you want to take your business if you don’t have a solid understanding about where you’ve come from. This makes this data crucial for growing your business and ensuring your long term success. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few reasons why I personally use Honeybook to help me manage my clients through Elevated Assist. I hope that you will take this post into consideration when you’re deciding on which client management tool you’ll use to help take your business to the next level. 

I think when you get to know Honeybook more intimately, you’ll see why it’s the best option for you and your business as well. Let me help make your decision even easier. I’m so happy to be able to offer you 20% off one year of service with Honeybook. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for how Honeybook can elevate your business with a cute discount to go along with your explorations.

Click Here to claim your 20% off and start optimizing your business today. If client management is still feeling like too much for you right now then head on over to our website and schedule a discovery call so you can be matched with a high quality virtual assistant to help you and your business continue to grow. 


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