Who We Are

At Elevated Assist our goal is simple. We help our clients take their businesses, brands and personal self to the next level by incorporating our ELEVATE philosophy.

Elevated Assist Elevate Philosophy

Why do YOU need Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants can provide services to clients across the world

With the way society has been moving following the devastating outbreak of Covid-19, business owners have had to take on extra workloads and find solutions to the ever changing market. 

Having an EXTRA HAND on projects with the help of Virtual Assistant is essential to your business growth.

By adding a VA to your team you are able to expand your business workload and increase profits.

Virtual assistants can be added to your established business team

Virtual assistants work as independent contractors. After scheduling your Discovery Call with the Director of Client Operations, our team will create a 3-month proposal outlining the tasks your assistant will complete.  We can assist you with systems, ways of working, and operations management.

What’s stopping you?

Now that you know how beneficial a virtual assistant can be for your company, what’s stopping you from hiring one? We are here to assist!

Delegate To The Right People


Our success is based on our commitment to the growth and development of our partners. We are passionate about providing seamless support to business through virtual assistance. We ensure the highest level of quality service through continuous improvement and transparent execution.

Core Value


We are committed to our obligations and disclose our results in a transparent manner.


We look for innovative ideas that add value and clarity to our clients.


We aim to make life simple for our clients by offering support that is efficient and aligned with their vision.


We pride ourselves in the integrity of our work and the confidentiality entrusted in us.