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Why you need to delegate in your business!

As business owners sometimes it’s hard to admit when you need help, but controlling every aspect of your business is actually hindering its growth. In order for a business to grow and scale, you will have to delegate the majority of your workload. Delegate simply means to assign a task or responsibility to another team member. This transfer of responsibility not only helps the growth of your business but also the growth of your team members. 

Let’s look at how delegating can help grow your business. 

     1. Helps you free up time

Let’s be honest, having to take care of marketing, sales, human resources, acquisitions, and the other departments all at once can be stressful. By assigning each of these departments to the correct team member you can free up your time and focus on tasks that actually help your business grow. 

     2. Promotes efficiency 

Once you have decided what tasks and responsibilities are assigned to who, the entire structure of your business will run more smoothly. The team member that is responsible for the marketing tasks can now solely focus on that. This means that their attention is hyper-focused on creating the best content, following the best practices, and ensuring that the company is well represented in the consumer’s eyes. 

     3. Develops trust

By giving your team members more responsibility you are developing a stronger relationship with them. They understand that you trust their judgment, skillset, and time management to complete the tasks, Your team members will be more open to engaging in conversations that involve their department, or tasks, because they understand that you see them as a subject matter expert. 

Now that we understand how delegating can help scale your business, let’s take a look at the benefits it has on your team members. 

      4. Develops their skills

Team members are able to develop their skill sets by hyper-focusing on the tasks at hand. For example, if you have a technical writer on your team delegating more knowledge management tasks can help them develop their writing skills. 

      5. Encourages them to take initiative 

Once team members fully understand their roles and responsibilities they are most likely to take initiative towards other tasks that may help their department. This is because they are a lot more confident in their position and how they help the company grow. 

      6. Stimulates creativity  

Team members can come up with creative ways to complete their tasks once they fully understand their responsibilities. This not only brings fresh ideas to your company but also helps your team members find creative ways to grow their skillsets. 

Although delegating can be difficult at first, finding the right team members to delegate tasks to can make or break your business.  


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