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Why you need a virtual assistant in the real estate industry

Today’s hustle culture makes it seem like being extremely busy is the only way to be successful. The reality of that is, it is actually really hard to maintain a healthy business when you are trying to handle everything yourself.  Real estate professionals spend a lot of their time tracking down potential deals, buyers, and sellers. They also spend a lot of time curating lists for all of their clients, managing listings, scheduling open houses and the list goes on! It is hard to be a top producer when you are juggling all of these different tasks.  Not only are you bound to experience burnout, but the quality of the service you offer can also be affected. This can lead to potential clients going to other agents that have the capacity to help them. In order to retain more business and grow, you will need to hire out help. There are virtual assistants that specialize in real estate and can help you grow and maintain your business. 

Here is a list of what virtual assistants can do for you!

Listing Management

A virtual assistant can help manage your listings in many different ways. They can upload listings across various platforms, including social media. They can also update listings that are under contract to make sure your potential buyers and sellers are aware of the current status of a property. A virtual assistant can also remove or change listings for you. 

Property Research 

There are many different online tools that real estate agents use to research and evaluate properties. A virtual assistant who specializes in real estate can conduct this property research for you! They can look at property value, previous sale prices, detailed property reports, and any other criteria you may look for when evaluating a property. 

Client Management 

As a real estate agent, you are constantly following up with buyers and sellers. Having a virtual assistant manage these conversations for you can be very helpful. They can update buyers on new listings, property updates, and potential investment opportunities and they can do the same for sellers. A virtual assistant can help manage these conversations and filter through them to ensure that each of your clients is receiving a good service. 

Manage Rentals

Reviewing and processing rental applications can be time-consuming, delegating rental management to a virtual assistant can help. They can process rental applications, making sure that the potential tenant meets all of the set criteria. They can also process rental renewals for you and communicate with tenants with any issues they may have on the property. 

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