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The TRUTH about hiring a virtual assistant

We have all tried to manage everything ourselves at one point. Whether it is trying to juggle every department in our business from HR to customer service, or in our personal lives, where we just simply put too much on our plates.  Burnouts are common but they shouldn’t have to be. None of us should be working to the point where we are neglecting our health, losing out on sleep and not having proper meals. 

Learning how to delegate and assign workloads can help reduce burnouts. Delegating is all about assigning tasks to the appropriate team member that can successfully execute them.  Many small businesses do not have the budget to bring on full-time employees, thankfully a virtual assistance can substitute that. Having a virtual assistant can reduce your workload and prevent burnouts. They can take on various different tasks that may be redundant and time consuming, so that you can focus on pushing your business forward. 

Tasks Virtual Assistants can Perform  

  1. Market Research 
  2. Email Management
  3. Client Onboarding
  4. Calendar Management 
  5. Project Management
  6. Social Media Management 
  7. Bookkeeping 

Deciding which set of tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant can be a bit confusing.  Thankfully, many virtual assistants offer different packages that can make this process easier. Some virtual assistants offer hourly packages that range from 10 hours to 40 hours a week. If you are looking for someone to devote a lot of time into a specific task or department you would most likely want to get a higher hourly package. Other virtual assistants offer packages based on the tasks being performed such as administrative, social media, or client management. There are many options out there for your business. The key is finding the right virtual assistant that can help your business thrive. 


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