How to make content that attracts and makes you money!

2022 is the year of new. That’s new choices, new habits and new businesses. Like any business, in order to succeed and set yourself apart from the masses, you must have unique, quality content. To achieve this, you need a few tools and apps to put you on top!

Let’s start with a great camera. This is the foundation of all great content. No one will stick around for your videos if the quality isn’t clear. Starting out, you don’t need a fancy camera. If you have an updated smartphone (preferably an IPhone), you will be able to accomplish the quality necessary for great content. However, if you are interested in purchasing a camera, then the basic point and shoot option will work perfectly. 

Next is a ring light. You can have great camera quality, but if your lighting is not great, you risk the professionalism and value of your content. Ring lights come in different shapes and sizes. One that fixes to the top of your phone might work best for easy, on-the-go use. To accompany this, selfies stands are great. All of your content can’t be filmed with you physically holding the camera, which is where this tool comes in. It’s fundamental for video content like reels, IGTVs, Instagram lives, and YouTube videos. You can set it up anywhere around the house or on-site at another location for easy access content. 

If you are looking to create more of a production with your videos, then a microphone is a must. Whether it is a YouTube video, a podcast, courses, or live streams, it’s imperative that your sound quality is up to par. The shotgun microphone will work well. 

After you create the content, you’ll need to edit it! IMovie for Mac users and Windows Movie Maker for PC users is the perfect starter editing software. It is user friendly and has all the functions you’ll need starting out. For Reels and general Instagram videos, InShot will help you create attractive, engaging videos! 

A large part of making quality content is planning topics that will address the pain points of your audience. But like all business owners, content creation is just a small part of the job. So you’re going to need a great system to help you organize and schedule content like a boss! Airtable, Trello, and Asana are wonderful project planning systems. Here, you can schedule your time, all your incoming tasks, set specific dates and times to create, film, and release content. You can also use apps like planoly to auto-schedule your content weeks-months in advance!


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