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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your answers on our freelance virtual assistant services.

Why should I choose Elevated Assist over other virtual assisting agencies?

All of our virtual assistants are required to pass a nationwide detailed background check before joining our team. They then go through a rigorous training program to ensure you are receiving quality and trustworthy work.

How am I paired with a virtual assistant?

At Elevated Assist we pride ourselves in employing subject matter experts, therefor the virtual assistant you are paired with is completely based on your particular need. 

What should I outsource first?

At Elevated Assist we recommend outsourcing some of the business communication tasks that take up most of your company’s time. For some small businesses it may be social media management or day-to-day admin work. If you are unsure on what to delegate first, book a consultation call here. and we will help you out.

Can I schedule a call to see what package works best for me?

You are able to book a consultation call with our Elevated Assist team through this link. In this consultation we can assess your needs and see which package works best for you.

How many hours can I schedule for my virtual assistant?

We offer our services through different monthly packages. You would pick a monthly package based on the hours that you would need. Hours do not roll over into the next month, but you can upgrade or downgrade your required hours within each new month.